new light box

I have a new light box.

I bought one a couple of years back…and lamented ad nauseam about it. It was a “portable-photo-lighting-studio-in-a-box” kit. Picture a sort of origami box – when in use, it was a large cloth box which would collapse into a flat square. It came with three lights. One of these lights exploded with a lovely little blue flame after about three days. Another one never did light up. Not a terribly successful venture into photography for me.

Since those less than successful days, I have acquired a wonderful Canon Rebel (a birthday gift) and have taken an introductory course in photography. (I can’t wait to take more classes!) I enjoy taking all kinds of photos, and pride myself on being pretty good – albeit for a beginner. One thing I still dreaded .. taking photos of my polymer clay jewelry for valeriesstuff. My “portable-photo-lighting-studio-in-a-box” kit was unusable (well, for me at least) so I returned to squatting outside in bright sun. Which is sometimes quite successful, others, not. I decided to try, once again, another light box.

Enter the Sanoto.

I bought it on ebay (free shipping, comes in a couple of sizes) official name: “Sanoto Mini kit Series of Built-in Lighting Studio’s”. Four thin plastic walls with a curving insert and two tube lights. It looks a bit like white microwave oven. Assembly is required. I lovelovelovelove it. Looky here:

Modern and vivid, polymer clay abstract pendant in blue and crimson


Lavender and magenta one of a kind polymer clay button stud earrings

Have I mentioned I love this light box?????

I am slowly and steadily changing all my photos to the light box version. I think it makes for a cleaner look.

So… this light box story has a happy ending (although I did manage to sneak in a little whining about my previous experience). This little white box really does get that nice clean look – and – you don’t have to crouch outdoors! If you are in the market for a portable light studio, I strongly recommend you try Sanoto.

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