liberty antiques

Ever have a chore you keep putting off?
It lurks in the back of your mind.
It puts down roots.
It is still possible to ignore. So you do.
While paying attention to other stuff, your chore starts to grow.
Somehow it has now become a task.
Irksome yes, but still possible to kinda sorta put off.
Until, seemingly without warning, it blossoms – Into a – *gasp*- situation.

My situation was the slow, consistent accumulation of ‘stuff’. I have collections. And pretty bits and pieces. In drawers, the basement, and attic. I needed a clear out – and fast. After attacking one drawer, one closet, one box at a time, I was very pleased with my progress. But what to do with my items I did not wish to donate? And then it struck me…….I could combine my collectables and my jewelry and sell them at….

Liberty Antiques
18 N. Liberty St.
Powell OH

I have a fabulous space! I have stocked it with goodies I have amassed over the years as well as my jewelry and my photos!
Right now I have a huge sale on my jewelry in my little space. So….if you happen to be near Powell OH, please stop in and see all the antiques…including mine!


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