a gloomy and rainy day

So what do you do on a rainy, chilly, gloomy Saturday? Popcorn and movie? Good book and a glass of wine? Meander through your local art (or history) museum? Gather your friends for a three hour lunch? Take photos of your dogs and list new items in your online store?
Hmm…Lets consider…. The first choice – a matinee. Especially nice if you have a great little venue, not one of the monster plexes : For example, in Columbus, we have the marvelous Drexel theater. Nice hot bucket of popcorn, happiness ensues. And, this choice does have a twist, if you don’t feel like leaving home, you don’t have to! Press play  and pop your own!







(Both bunny and pendant available on Valerie Cheski Polymer Clay.)






What’s next?  Ah yes.  Two of my favorites: good books. and wine.  I still love my trips to the library.  I’ve recently started reading Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May series.  I know he’s been writing these for quite some time, but I’ve only just “discovered” them.  On the wine front, I’ve started buying a bottle from Whole Foods – conveniently on sale  – La Vieille Ferme.  (It has a chicken and rooster on the label.  There is another wine (also French) that has one rooster (or is it a chicken?) on the label – also good.  Bottom line – wine from France with a chicken label = good.)


Now.  A museum trip?  Wonderful!  How could you go wrong spending time  surrounded by beauty?  You can daydream your way through the afternoon, alternately soothed and inspired by the impressionists and the modernists.

History your cup of tea?  Perfect!  Nothing more inspiring than experiencing our common threads.

(Pendant now available at  Valerie Cheski Polymer Clay.)

Confession time.  I am “a lady who lunches” wannabe.  I have successfully lunched one or twice with my very good friend Maggie at my favorite place, The Worthington Inn.  Quite simply a must for four star cookery.  At lunch, their hamburgers and Bloody Marys are a must.


Or you could just stay home.  Take photos of the dogs (c’mon, it really is good practice!).  List a few items.  You know.

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