i’m distraught

and outright sad.
(so sadly distraught I’m blogging twice in one day….but not so much so I abandon my beloved parentheses.)
My story:
On May 3, 2012, I quit smoking after 30+ years.
It was every bit as difficult as you’ve read (I’m still trying to lose the 20 pounds. And, by the way, it has to be that difficult ’cause if it wasn’t, I, (and everyone else who has ever done this) would be smoking right now.) I got through the early days and nights by joining QuitNet.com. It was a big/little online town with chat rooms and clubs as well as the usual general threads. It came with smoking cessation counselors and information packed blogs. We all went by nicknames and pledged. and talked. and celebrated anniversaries. (A former member (may he rest in peace) created special designations for each milestone achieved. for example, after one year ‘smober’ you achieved your “Doctorate of Quitology” and on 500 days your Knighthood etc.) Testimonials were left from successful – and unsuccessful quitters – and these were poured over during the worst twitchiest moments. I logged on everyday for a very long time…until the beginning of this fall. At that point, I needed to make the final clean break. I still logged on several times a week – but not often enough to prepare for the changes that were coming.
Quitnet has redone..well..everything. Journals, clubs, chat rooms, testimonials and nicknames are all gone. I was unprepared. I don’t know anyone’s real name. I missed the window of opportunity. So. Because online was my lifeline and sanity for so long, I will take this time, online, to salute and thank those who helped me, whom I feel so very much for .. we never met but:
(((((((harleyjohn)))))))) thank you!!!! You too Karen aka Derey! lesliejean.. you can do it this time!!!!!! Huge hugs to you too! Sir Walt – thank you for knighting me. And thank you too Neel, rabbitbrush, mytime, torres…everyone…thank you!
I poured over testimonials. There were people who inspired me like pjlsan and hizzah. Hugs ladies. and will someone please tell me if janey who states she was “fairly ill” with smoking related diseases in 2005 (or words to that effect) ever made it??
Anyway. Goodbye. Thank you. I love you all.
P. S. I’m sure the new QuitNet.com will be effective if you should wish to use it.
P. P. S. Emotions usually get a bit jiggy when you quit. just saying..
nice cry. thank you again and always.

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new light box

I have a new light box.

I bought one a couple of years back…and lamented ad nauseam about it. It was a “portable-photo-lighting-studio-in-a-box” kit. Picture a sort of origami box – when in use, it was a large cloth box which would collapse into a flat square. It came with three lights. One of these lights exploded with a lovely little blue flame after about three days. Another one never did light up. Not a terribly successful venture into photography for me.

Since those less than successful days, I have acquired a wonderful Canon Rebel (a birthday gift) and have taken an introductory course in photography. (I can’t wait to take more classes!) I enjoy taking all kinds of photos, and pride myself on being pretty good – albeit for a beginner. One thing I still dreaded .. taking photos of my polymer clay jewelry for valeriesstuff. My “portable-photo-lighting-studio-in-a-box” kit was unusable (well, for me at least) so I returned to squatting outside in bright sun. Which is sometimes quite successful, others, not. I decided to try, once again, another light box.

Enter the Sanoto.

I bought it on ebay (free shipping, comes in a couple of sizes) official name: “Sanoto Mini kit Series of Built-in Lighting Studio’s”. Four thin plastic walls with a curving insert and two tube lights. It looks a bit like white microwave oven. Assembly is required. I lovelovelovelove it. Looky here:

Modern and vivid, polymer clay abstract pendant in blue and crimson


Lavender and magenta one of a kind polymer clay button stud earrings

Have I mentioned I love this light box?????

I am slowly and steadily changing all my photos to the light box version. I think it makes for a cleaner look.

So… this light box story has a happy ending (although I did manage to sneak in a little whining about my previous experience). This little white box really does get that nice clean look – and – you don’t have to crouch outdoors! If you are in the market for a portable light studio, I strongly recommend you try Sanoto.

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liberty antiques

Ever have a chore you keep putting off?
It lurks in the back of your mind.
It puts down roots.
It is still possible to ignore. So you do.
While paying attention to other stuff, your chore starts to grow.
Somehow it has now become a task.
Irksome yes, but still possible to kinda sorta put off.
Until, seemingly without warning, it blossoms – Into a – *gasp*- situation.

My situation was the slow, consistent accumulation of ‘stuff’. I have collections. And pretty bits and pieces. In drawers, the basement, and attic. I needed a clear out – and fast. After attacking one drawer, one closet, one box at a time, I was very pleased with my progress. But what to do with my items I did not wish to donate? And then it struck me…….I could combine my collectables and my jewelry and sell them at….

Liberty Antiques
18 N. Liberty St.
Powell OH

I have a fabulous space! I have stocked it with goodies I have amassed over the years as well as my jewelry and my photos!
Right now I have a huge sale on my jewelry in my little space. So….if you happen to be near Powell OH, please stop in and see all the antiques…including mine!


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warm on a gloomy day

I took this photo last Monday. Our first snow of the season. (And cold snap.)ย  The snow and dark day makes this shot look almost black and white.




Today it is a gray gloomy sort of a day. Ice storms in the early morning. I was actually up early enough to see the ice…I’ve a bit of a head cold. I decided to spend this afternoon in my nice warm room adding more stuff to my etsy site. I’ve been adding a lot of stuff lately like:

Wasabi Green leverback dangle earrings, lightweight polymer clay

One of a kind statement ring, large polymer clay purple and pearl handmade ring, adjustable

Shy little black mouse, polymer clay figurine, animal totem, statue

Plenty more to come! Stay warm and dry ๐Ÿ™‚

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tis the season for critters..and such

I think just about everyone knows my passion for polymer clay. In recent months, I took to making little animals. For me, it was a return to my childhood love of making little critters out of PlayDoh. (And come to think about it, my love of little critters in general….guinea pigs, bunnies, ducklings….you know the little girl – a stuffed animal rather than a doll for play.) I have recently added a couple of my “little buddies” to my Etsy site. And it got me thinking…Who else indulges their whimsical animal side?

Sleepy Eyed Stuffed Hand Painted Owl Toy or Home Decoration

I didn’t have to look very far to find someone else….I adore Nancy’s (Wyverndesigns) hand painted owl! What a glorious fellow he is!

She also has hand sewn owl ornaments:

Primitive Folk Art Felt Green Owl Backpack Hanger, Purse or Ornament

So sweet! (And what a great stocking stuffer!)

But wait…..I found more owls!!!!!ย  These hand crochet birdies were created by TLYarnCrafts:

Mrs. Hoot and Owlivia >> Handmade Plushies to Support Women and Girls

Just so you don’t think owls are the only critters out there….how about some thing completely different?

ColtPixy has been sculpting her snails for a couple of years now. (I have a little collection of them myself) They are warm, whimsical, and, well, delightfully strange!:

Bubba with his little brown jug snail sculpture

Check out more of her work at http://www.coltpixy.com/

I’ve got time for just more here…

Polymer Clay Glittery Pink and Blue Cat Magnet Brooch Pendant

A little sparkle for your day! This kitty was created by FantasyClayStore and could be made into either a magnet or brooch!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of animals. If these have sparked your interest, take a look at the huge variety of handmade critters available – perfect for decorating, gift giving and enjoying!

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i wish i could…

After far too long of an absence, I am back with my little Etsy shop and blog ๐Ÿ™‚
I had been – as usual – far to distracted by life stuff to keep up with all my really enjoyable things….like making jewelry and writing here. So….. I decided enough was enough and I am back to creating, listing and blogging. The other day, I was listing a couple of items and popped over to facebook and saw this beauty:

Am I Blue Lily Necklace OOAK Polymer Clay Cane Work Steel Curb Chain

It is by my friend Nancy, aka Wyverndesigns on Artfire and I am absolutely blown away by this little pendant! As a fellow clayer, I known how much work went into this little beauty. The center lily, as well as the tiny ones ringing the piece, are all tissue paper thin slices of polymer clay canes very carefully and delicately laid together in precise order. Well, lets back up…. First you make the canes…then slice and assemble the piece. A whole lot of work and skill went into this lovely pendant and Nancy has made it look effortless! To be honest, this sort of work is beyond me!

You know, seeing such lovely pieces out there is really inspiring. It is also motivating me to pledge, yet again, not to neglect my very favorite thing to do – claying! ๐Ÿ™‚

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a belated thank you worthington!!!! and what is on your work table?

A very big, very happy, very late, Thank You! to Worthington!! I had a marvelous day at the Old Worthington Market Day this past Saturday, September 13!


Great visitors, organizers, and weather! I have next year…September 26….already marked on my calendar ๐Ÿ™‚









I have one show left this month, Ohio Made, All Ohio Arts Festival, being held in the Ohio Village at the Ohio Historical Society on September 27.

In the meantime, I am making a few new things. Here’s what isย  on my work table today:


Hopefully I’ll have these and maybe one or two others done time for the show.ย ย  (Yes…there are cows on my pot holders.)ย  I still have standing, buffing, polishing, setting, and stringing to do.ย  Yikes!ย  Better hop to it!ย  Until later ๐Ÿ™‚

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