tis the season for critters..and such

I think just about everyone knows my passion for polymer clay. In recent months, I took to making little animals. For me, it was a return to my childhood love of making little critters out of PlayDoh. (And come to think about it, my love of little critters in general….guinea pigs, bunnies, ducklings….you know the little girl – a stuffed animal rather than a doll for play.) I have recently added a couple of my “little buddies” to my Etsy site. And it got me thinking…Who else indulges their whimsical animal side?

Sleepy Eyed Stuffed Hand Painted Owl Toy or Home Decoration

I didn’t have to look very far to find someone else….I adore Nancy’s (Wyverndesigns) hand painted owl! What a glorious fellow he is!

She also has hand sewn owl ornaments:

Primitive Folk Art Felt Green Owl Backpack Hanger, Purse or Ornament

So sweet! (And what a great stocking stuffer!)

But wait…..I found more owls!!!!!  These hand crochet birdies were created by TLYarnCrafts:

Mrs. Hoot and Owlivia >> Handmade Plushies to Support Women and Girls

Just so you don’t think owls are the only critters out there….how about some thing completely different?

ColtPixy has been sculpting her snails for a couple of years now. (I have a little collection of them myself) They are warm, whimsical, and, well, delightfully strange!:

Bubba with his little brown jug snail sculpture

Check out more of her work at http://www.coltpixy.com/

I’ve got time for just more here…

Polymer Clay Glittery Pink and Blue Cat Magnet Brooch Pendant

A little sparkle for your day! This kitty was created by FantasyClayStore and could be made into either a magnet or brooch!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of animals. If these have sparked your interest, take a look at the huge variety of handmade critters available – perfect for decorating, gift giving and enjoying!

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4 Responses to tis the season for critters..and such

  1. Lyn says:

    Love all the critters! And can’t wait to see more of your creations too Valerie.

  2. You beat me this time! I’m already several days late but I will get there. I love all the animals you’ve highlighted. I think your “new” animal creations are very cute and a hoot to see! Thanks for including my owl pieces. I went through an owl phase a little while ago and everything I made had something to do with owls. Great post. Will share.

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