thank you clintonville arts & music festival!


I vended at the Clintonville Arts & Music Festival yesterday and what a great day! The rain held off, the music was great, and the people were wonderful! I shared a booth with my friend Nikki of Once Upon A Time, Again. Nikki rebinds Golden Book classics to include colorful blank pages turning them into scrapbooks – with the entire story in tact – as well as creating autograph books such as this one:

Disney Princess Autograph Book Frozen

Anyway, we had a spot inside the rec center and had Dave make us signs directing people indoors:


I premiered my ‘little buddies’. I think people liked them. I know I have a great time making them!

IMG_2626smbl Our indoor area:IMG_2624smblIMG_2627smsm


Even my Ginger and Brandy put in an appearance:

I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival…as is Ginger and Brandy! Thank you Clintonville 🙂

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2 Responses to thank you clintonville arts & music festival!

  1. Lyn says:

    I love that Ginger and Brandy made an appearance! I brought Pinot to the very first fair I did thinking she would attract people with her cuteness. Instead, she barked at anyone that touched one of my purses and scared them away! I guess she thought she was protecting my stuff. Glad you had a great day and premiered your little guys!

  2. Ging and Brandy loved being there! I was very proud…and surprised 🙂 I thought they would behave like Pinot did…or worse! I think our dachshunds just like surprising us.

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