show me your reds

IMG_2555smblRed is one of ‘those’ colors: vibrant, unmistakable, and emotional. In anger we see red and passion is often associated with the color red. A red room would be overwhelming. Definitely not for neutral tone lover. On the other hand, red is also the color of some pretty terrific things…like strawberries. Check out these adorable pins by Wyverndesigns:

Miniature Strawberry Decorative Sewing Pins Set of 5 Made In America

Not just cute, but they look good enough to .. well at least sniff for ripeness!

Here’s another great red….this wristlet by PinotbyLyn.  It combines elegance and practicality! :

Wristlet in Red with Orange and Blue Koi Fish

Look at this marvelous drawing I found from SassySashadoxie…It features a red dachshund on a red boat! I’m seeing double red (teehee):

Dachshund Pirate Art ACEO Drawing Doxie Wiener Dog Pirate In Ship Boat

Can you stand one more red thingy?:

Two chains polymer clay necklace, abstract pendant, red and pink, modern

by um…me 🙂 to be found on etsy..valeriesstuff

So… in conclusion…red is always memorable! and healthy… Until next time – eat a tomato and raise a glass of pinot noir!

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4 Responses to show me your reds

  1. Great reds here! Love the picture of the red sunflower!

  2. Lyn says:

    Imagine my surprise when reading your post to see a familiar wristlet. Thank you! I love red too – it’s actually my favorite color and is good luck to us Taiwanese people 🙂 Love the pins and Sasha’s drawing and your pendant!

  3. Thank you Lyn! I’ve always loved that wristlet of yours 🙂

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