i’m back

IMG_2560smblBack from vacation. Three words that are bitter sweet. Sweet because a lovely, well earned break was taken and a little bit bitter because it is at an end. No matter….We are back and we had a wonderful time. We took a couple of days to go to Stratford, ON. Stratford is a favorite vacation place and this year we saw three plays: The Beaux’ Stratagem, Hay Fever, and Man of La Mancha. All three (no Shakespeare this time!) were quite wonderful. We also did some shopping, eating, and I did plenty of photo taking (which I will be sharing in days to come). And walking..lots of that…through town or by the river and beautiful public gardens and all walks seemed to end at a coffee shop! I believe I will have cravings for shop roasted, full bodied coffees with real cream and sugar for weeks to come!

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