i’m feeling like september

The air is cool today.
Not only has the temperature dropped to the low 70s, but the air has cooled. Just like September.
September is one of my favorite months. There is a pervasive sense of new beginnings, discoveries, and adventure waiting just around every corner. I can smell the excitement of unexplored possibilities. My mind set completely changes and the weather is one of the biggest triggers. The air cools and I smile my ‘fall is here’ smile. (Can you tell I was one of ‘those’ kids who liked the start of a new school year?)

So what’s new for me? I’m still sculpting away so I think I will indeed experiment with listing my little figures. The latest:


a fetish style…a bear bearing roses..

So what are friends up to???
Martina of Pottery Heaven is always ready for new possibilities…she specializes in Unity Candle Sets like this one:

Stormy Sea (Transluscent Green) Unity Candle Set

I love her new color!

I see Nancy – Wyverndesigns – has added this adorable pin cushion:

Bottle Cap Pincushion in Purple and White With Embroidered Flowers

How cute is that? It makes me wish I was better at sewing!

And lastly..My friend Star has reopened her Etsy shop ColtPixy;

Ferdinand the snail

I’m looking forward to seeing all her marvelous snails!

Oh my.   Here I am getting all geared up for September and my calendar is still reading August!  Oh well.  I’ll just have to make new possibilities, adventures etc a couple of weeks in advance!

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2 Responses to i’m feeling like september

  1. I guess great minds think alike,lol. My post is about Autumn, as well. Wonderful post and thanks for including my little pincushion.

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