kitties and bunnies


My three little (about 1″ tall) kitties.

The smell of PlayDough was, at one time, intoxicating. The oddly sweet scent can still trigger warm memories of days too cold to play outside and an afternoon spent at the play table with my sister and our tiny cans of dough. Maybe those memories are part of polymer clay’s appeal to me. I had initially picked up a few blocks for the clay’s ease of use and no firing, but I can’t deny the connection. While I make jewelry, a part of me has wanted to return sculpting and pottery.

ColtPixy‘s snails inspired me to experiment with sculpting. Her love of sculpting (and snails) shows in every piece she does…did I mention her humor?

My name is Inigo Slugtoya. You salted my father. Prepare to die!

Another figurine I admire is PotteryHeaven’s Peanut Butter and Jelly topper:

Peanut Butter and Jelly – custom figurine/topper – made to order

(I wonder if Marina, aka PotteryHeaven, would ever give me pottery lessons? Hmmm….)

And this little ornament by Wyverndesigns has me thinking about making penguins:

Penguin with Blue Mittens Christmas Ornaments polymer clay

Yes. There will be penguins in my future. Later though… My bunnies need finishing: IMG_2354smblIMG_2328smbl

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2 Responses to kitties and bunnies

  1. ColtPixy says:

    Love the kitties and adore the bunnies!
    I’ll never be able to look at another jar of peanut butter without imagining a little guy climbing out of it. 🙂 Wyverndesigns ornament makes me smile.

  2. Thank you Star :). I’ve been having so much fun with these, I’ve been neglecting my other ‘stuff’!

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