he’s heeerrreeee…


10th Doctor.. um.. If he were a snail….

Who’s here?

Check out the 10th Doctor. As a snail.
My favorite Doctor. I grew up with the 4th, liked the ninth, and fell for the 10th.
(I look forward to the 12th. I plan on making a day of the debut…. I swear I never was this geeky as a kid. Back to the snail…)
Sculpted by the very talented Star, aka ColtPixy, he joins my small group of her handmade, most definitely one of a kind snails! Please check out her site!

My collection:


from l to r: Frankensnail, Mothman (or MothSnail?), and 10th Doctor

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5 Responses to he’s heeerrreeee…

  1. ColtPixy says:

    How awesome! I am so glad you like them! 🙂

  2. sunemoonsong says:

    These guys are awesome!

  3. I think ColtPixy just completed a couple more snails. Take a look here: http://coltpixy.com/. She does really great work. Thank you 🙂

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