a new blog ring to blog about


This beautiful bloom came from my largest lilac bush – in size more of a very stocky shortish tree. Although I took this photo a couple of months ago, I thought a lilac – an early spring flower and symbol of a new season (at least to me!) – was the perfect way to introduce my new blog ring.

I am very excited to be part of this wonderful new group! Both old and new friends are part of ‘blogging again’ and this should make for very interesting and lively blogs. It stands to reason that this first blog should be an introduction to ourselves and our creations.

Although a lot of my time is spent at my jobjob and herding my two beautiful dachshunds, I have still had the time to continue with my polymer clay creations. I seem to have evolved a bit in style (which I am pleased about) and I’m sure I will always strive for more positive changes. Some of my favorites:

Abstract, modern polymer clay pendant necklace in purples, black and white – mokume gane and mica shift

Adjustable Round Statement Ring in Polymer Clay, Abstract Green, Brown, and Blue, mokume gane

Modern, Abstract, Polymer Clay Necklace in blue and green, art pendant, contemporary mokume gane

I think of myself as quite lucky to have this time to explore this creative side of me!

You can see all my things in my valeriesstuff shops (on Etsy and Zibbet).

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4 Responses to a new blog ring to blog about

  1. Martina says:

    All your necklaces are quite pretty, but I think I like the purple one the best. The movement of the colors is very interesting, like a little painted scene.

  2. Thank you Martina 🙂 I do try to make each one a wearable abstract!

  3. Wonderful post. Love, love ,love the items you featured! I’m excited to be part of this blog ring.

  4. Thank you Nancy 🙂

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