modern hippie

I wonder if ‘modern hippie’ is an actual term. I think it ought to be. Let me back up:
Yesterday was bright and beautiful and I spent a couple of hours taking photos of my jewelry. Today I am adding new pieces to my Etsy store such as:

Abstract modern polymer clay pendant necklace in shades of blue and brown, leaf abstract mokume gane


one of a kind polymer clay statement ring in blue and pearl clay, abstract, modern hippie, mokume gane

Now. Etsy makes adding items to your store quite easy. The format walks you through the process such as asking “What is it?” and then supplying pull down lists for your answer. However, they have added a new question – “Style/ Add up to 2 styles. optional.” that has me … well… a little stymied. Okay, so I know my designs are ‘abstract’ – first one down – it is the second style that has become my stumbling block. My ‘stuff’ is not traditional. So ‘modern’? But to me, the pieces feel a tad ‘hippie’ but not ‘hipster’. None of the terms are quite right, nor completely wrong. I have decided. I – and my ‘stuff’ – need a ‘modern hippie’ category. I’m not sure if it exists elsewhere, but I think it should.

Until that day… I will have to content myself with being an abstract modern, hippie influence, not really hipster jewelry maker!

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One Response to modern hippie

  1. They’ve made things a lot easier, BTW you can always add a new style if you like.

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