dyi…er..diy and the etsy team columbus


A little while ago, as I was standing on my deck, I noticed a tiny shower of twigs. I looked up. We have a shade roofie thing over the deck and I assumed some bric-a-brac had worked its way through. Shrugging, I sipped at my wine and sat down on the step. A twig bounced beside me. A piece of a Kroger’s plastic shopping bag tumbled past. Huh? I stood and glared at the source of my twiggy shower. A beautiful red breasted robin returned my glare and dropped a beak- full of the stuff through the deck roof’s supporting beams and fluttered off. Ah. A pair of robins had decided to build their nest on my deck beams. I looked at the little pile on the deck and thought about Darwin’s natural selection principle.

Not that I have any right to be smug…far from it in fact. I come from a long line of women who believe that handymen and women are born – not created. The yellow pages were created for my grandmothers to find carpenters and plumbers and my mother subscribed to Angie’s List back when it was a printed booklet (before the advent of the personal computer). I for one firmly believe that I am a danger to self and others when armed with even a screwdriver – although the contents of a toolbox would make a dandy self defense arsenal (in a pinch of course). So who was I to snuffle with superiority at an other’s home project?

Especially a successful one:

Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod

Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod

While I may not fully comprehend the diy thing, I do understand the shopping potential:
For example, one must shop for their…sunhats?…gardening gloves? Doesn’t matter what you are shopping for as long as you shop with this terrific bag from HevVinDesigns:

COFFEE BURLAP FLAP Padded Messenger Laptop Bag, Blue Green Stripe, Adjustable Strap

And clean up is much more civilized with these lovely wash clothes from TLYarnCrafts:

Item #4001 – Dainty Wash Cloths, Set of 4

What’s left to do after all this diying? A nap of course…with a beautiful pillow from WrapYourStyle:

Decorative Accent Pillows Green Garden Images on White background 18″ matching self piping

Whatever your project…good luck to you – and happy shopping 🙂

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2 Responses to dyi…er..diy and the etsy team columbus

  1. Great story! Thanks for the link!

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