got lit in krogers???


It was an accident.
Kroger’s has wine tasting on Saturday afternoons.  I went with Dave and met my folks there.  Dave and I arrived first  (thought I’d pick up a few things while we were there…two birds, one stone, you know).   He spotted the Jim Beam lady.   Huh?   The what?

“She’s selling shots.” he said.
“Nu uh.” I said.

It was the beginning of the end.  Okay, so I didn’t have to try two types of whiskey.  But she was so nice and informative and proud of her product.   Well.   Moving on.

By now my folks had arrived.   We staked out a little table while the delightful employees poured generous samples of four wines along with great snacks.   We stood and chatted. (one thing about working retail, it conditions your body to be able stand for a surprisingly long time, and in the case of last evening, in your friendly neighborhood grocery store whilst drinking wine.)   Mom and Dad of course showed great sense and each had one little glass.   After I tried all four wines, an end to the festivities was called.   I didn’t feel tipsy until I walked away.   It was then that I realized I was a tad unsteady.   I still had a bit of shopping to do so I quickly grabbed a shopping cart to steady myself.   I nabbed my gallon of milk and green peppers and had made a beeline to the self check out when I realized I had misplaced Dave.   I retraced my steps and found him – clutching two bottles of wine. He plunked them in the cart.
“Which Jim Beam do you want?”
I actually wanted none.
“The honey one.”
I looked behind me.   Nope.   No one behind me.   I was the one who said that.   Crud.

Purchases made, I could not get to the car fast enough.   I slunk down in the passenger seat.   Dave started the car and glanced over at me:
“That was fun. How ’bout next week?”


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2 Responses to got lit in krogers???

  1. kathygroah says:

    Hilarious! One question > which Kroger’s?! Meet there for Happy Hour next week?

    • I think all Kroger’s now have tastings! We were at the Worthington Square one – my ‘regular’ Kroger’s. Hey – they have wifi too….do I smell a future blog ring meeting???

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