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I recently started taking photos again.  I have a wonderful Canon Rebel that has been collecting dust since I started working last November.  I decided enough of that.  I resolved I would make time to take a few shots every week and eventually every day.  I also ‘rediscovered’ a few photos I took last year.  This one is a close up of a little patch of my back yard.

In addition to reviving my interest in photography, I have been working very hard to revamp my valeriesstuff shops.  I’ve moved my items around and I am adding new things to Etsy and Zibbet.
Check out this pendant I just listed on Etsy:

Fan Shaped Modern Abstract POlymer Clay Pendant Necklace, Wearable Art, Mokume Gane, Green and Yellow

Some items moved to Zibbet include a couple of my cuff bracelets:

Sun and Moon Green and Black Very Wide Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet Modern Hippie

Very Wide polymer clay Cuff with a Standing Tall Black Cat Cuff Bracelet

Maybe it is the season, or the stars, but I have been truly loving working with my clay – and camera – of late. I look forward to the time I can spend working with my mediums…it makes me very happy. Just wanted to say that. Until later 🙂

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