Do you remember that song from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer?  The one that Clarissa sings,”..there’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true…”?  (And should I be disturbed that I remember that show so vividly?)  I guess I thought of that line because tomorrow is very important to me:  It is the Second Anniversary of my quitting smoking.

After smoking for about 32 years, I knew it was time to quit, made my decision, and promptly fell apart.  And then I quit.  I found, joined a couple of clubs, met some incredible people – many just like me, took advice from fellow quitters and QuitNet’s wonderful counselors.  I remember wondering how I would ‘make it’ a month and here I am two years down the road.  My advise to any just starting their journey?  Read everything you can about the recovery (and changes) your body will go through.  You will read that after 72 hours, your body fluids will test negative for nicotine.  Guess what?  There is still a whole lotta stuff (Nicotine plus all the additives the industry puts into cigarettes)  tucked into every nook and cranny.  Brace yourself for the long run, ride it out, and join QuitNet! Enough of the quitNet promo and onto the second purpose of today’s blog….

I am celebrating my anniversary by having a 50% sale in both my shops – on everything:

On Etsy use coupon code 2ndAnni at check out. Valerie’s Stuff

No need to use a code on Zibbet: Valerie’s Stuff

Hope to see you at the sale….or QuitNet 🙂

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