mark your calenders


“Mark Your Calenders”… what a wonderful, commanding sentence: it isn’t a request, more of a firm instruction, but with a hint of possibly good things to come.   Hmm.   I did not mean to start off with such a pondering tangent, rather I meant to gab a bit and then tell you about an upcoming sale.    Let me return to format:

Two dates are weighing on my mind.  The first would be our wedding anniversary –
16 years.   I’ve got a couple of days off, but not for travel/mini vacationing.   It’s for landscaping.   Last fall we had the tall fir bushes which stood sentinel about our house cut down.  They were quite attractive and quite tall.   In winter, the snow and ice would bow the bushes to the house.   For safety’s sake – not to mention the gutter’s sake – they needed to come down.   We will be consulting with a garden center for recommendations.   (Even so, I’m kinda hung up on lilacs and hollies with a dogwood somewhere in the mix. and maybe some lavender. ooooo lavender on the side of the house in the direct sun!)   Yes, as I told my coworkers yesterday, in this household the 16th anniversary is shrubbery.

The second date is, in a way, much more dear to me.   May 3 marks my two year anniversary of quitting smoking.   In the beginning, I remember reading that it would take about two years for the body and mind to heal and it honestly neverneverevernever occurred to me that I would ‘make it’.   But I did.   I have.   If you are smoking while reading this thinking you should quit but can’t, you can.    To celebrate this date, I will be having a 50% off sale (on everything) in both my shops on May 3 and May 4.   Items such as:

Abstract, Chunky, Statement Piece, Contemporary Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

from Valerie’s Stuff on Etsy


Blue wave polymer clay mica shift bracelet

from Valerie’s Stuff on Zibbet

Actually, You won’t have to mark your calenders. I’ll remind you 🙂

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