Today is my day off from work.  Dave’s off too.  I figured a little shopping, a little lunch, maybe some afternoon clay, and a bicycle ride.  This morning, however, ruled out one of my favorite activities, (and the only exercise I can honestly say I enjoy and willingly do every day (weather permitting)), biking.  Snow.   So Sunday and yesterday everyone said things like,”Oooohhhh…..there will be snow on Tuesday..”, and I said, “Um. Okay.”, clearly not believing.  (Good thing I wasn’t in charge of warning the colonies of the British invasion.  (as in the Revolutionary War, not the Beatles).   I’d see the ships a-coming and say,”Um. Okay.”.)  I can shop and clay – always – and in all kinds of weather!

I’m getting ready for two shows I am very excited about – The Columbus Arts Festival (sharing space with Etsy Team Columbus) and Old Worthington Market Day (my second year at this wonderful show on the streets of Historic Worthington)!   I will share details as we get closer to these dates.

I’ve really gotten hooked on combining several techniques including mokume gane and mica shift to create these very abstract pieces:

Abstract Wearable Art Necklace, Modern, Polymer Clay Pendant Unique Mokume Gane, Purple and Black

Not only are they challenging and fun to make, it gives me a chance to experiment and push my creativity. I hope you like them as much as I like making them.
Off to shop. and clay. and eat. Biking tomorrow……

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