yes I know, everyone for all of time, discusses life changes.  Big ones.  little ones (changes that is) or perceived little/big ones (those changes that the average passerby would construe as little (or big) but are indeed big (or little) to the changee.) I too have been thru my share of changes of late….some big and some little and today another one came. My clothes washer sprang a leak. I needed a moment of quiet reflection, then I called my mother.

“my washer is leaking.”
“The one that came from your grandfather’s house?”
“Yes. Was that 1989?”
“no 1990. I think he bought it a few years before that.”
“could just be a hose…or gasket.”
“Do you still get Consumer Reports? Nothing new will last as long but that will be a good starting place.”
“Oh no problem…I still have Grandpa C’s washer in the basement. I kept it but never hooked it up.”

Okay, so moving from one grandfather’s washing machine to the other does not constitute a major life change, but it did turn into a nice chat with my mom.

Other changes in my life?
Well, I closed Valerie’s Stuff on Artfire and am now focused on my Etsy site. And I’ve started loving making rings…here are my first listings:

Adjustable Round Statement Ring in Polymer Clay, Abstract Green, Brown, and Blue, mokume gane

Rectangle Statement Ring in Blue, Black and Pearl Polymer Clays, modern, abstract, large Mokume Gane

That’s all I’ve got for now….talk at you soon…..

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