who, me?

something new and entirely unexpected happened.   or rather I did something new and entirely unexpected.  my story today…..

Last November, I did a really nice show.   It was a two day affair at a retirement community.   Lovely setting, terrific staff and wonderful community.   (I wouldn’t mind living there in the distant future.   okay not soooo distant….but still pretty far in the future…..abort!abort!abort!….moving on…(so to speak))   The woman next to me was a Mary Kay consultant.   I didn’t really pay much a attention to her table the first day, but the second day was a bit slower and we were able to chat and spend more time amongst ourselves.   I finally agreed to call her and set up a consultation.   (True confession: I didn’t really plan on calling her back.   Much shame here, but the truth.)   Ms. Judi called me.   Set up a time.   I had to work.   I called her back and changed the date.   And so it went for November and December….until…I went to her house Dec. 30.   Had a make over.   Loved the liquid foundation brush.   And the foundation.   My new blush color is more of a contouring color.   Judi was delightful (as was her little dog) and on December 31, I signed up to be a Mary Kay Representative.

Now, I’ve never been a makeup girl.   I have always been a mascara and lip gloss, done and out the door girl/woman. Another true confession…I am at the age where/when makeup can make a dramatic difference.   And I know it, but still???   This is extreme for me.   I baffled myself.   Yesterday I finally figured it out.   It was the liquid foundation brush.   For some reason, that brush made makeup, and its application, make sense.

So….ladies and gentleman….say hello to the new May Kay Consultant…Me!

Photo on 2014-12-31 at 19.00

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