hello again…..

Once again, I went silent (blogging-wise) for a month o’ Sundays. I’m back. If you don’t mind too much.

Let’s see now….when last we spoke, I had attended the Columbus Arts Festival with members of the very wonderful Etsy Team Columbus. (A very dynamic group of artists and crafters, all on Etsy, and located here in Columbus. Did I say dynamic? I get winded just reading about all the projects, committees, shows and whatnots these folks are involved with/on/chairing/sponsoring. (now where was I? Ah yes, the Arts Festival)) It was terrific. A perfect weekend: excellent group of artists, fun visitors and perfect weather. Since then, I have been to another show and have two more coming up. (More on those tomorrow.) I have also thrown myself into mokume gane (a polymer clay technique), more on that and my pieces later too..

Okay: Around about now, you are thinking is this simply a ‘coming attractions posting’? (And now all I can think is “tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel”.) It’s not. I want to babble about a photography course I took. The background:

Dave bought me a SLR Canon Rebel for my birthday two years ago. A wee bit later, added a lens. Then life went silly. Flash forward to last spring. Found a class for beginners, signed up, the course cancelled due to too few students. Tried it again last month..shazam! I loved the instructor and my fellow students (five of us in all) and now can say, once you go SLR manual, you can’t go back. (Did I ever mention that after graduating high school, I wanted to be a photo journalist? Anywho……) Our instructor, Barbara, took us through each setting and we shared our week’s homework. Everyone had incredible shots and one girl was crazy talented. (I told her she should be selling on Etsy.) It was such a positive experience. I want to show a couple of my favorite shots starting with unsuspecting flowers:

double tiger lilies

double tiger lilies

My panning photo:

train cars

train cars

And of course, my dear dachshunds (blur motion):

Ginger + vanilla yogart

Ginger + vanilla yogart

Brandy too Brandy too



So, those are four of my favorites. Any input on my photos is welcome!

Well, that’s it for today. Time for a little bit more wine and supper.

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5 Responses to hello again…..

  1. Jan Whetzel says:

    Valerie, Love the flower shot. Ohhh, to have the time to take a class just for enjoyment!

  2. janwhetzel says:

    Valerie, Love the flower shot! How great to be able to take a class for fun..

  3. Thank you Jan 🙂 I was lucky enough to find a Saturday morning class. I would love it if our instructor would do an intermediate class.

  4. valldawn says:

    Love the photos, wish we had a Saturday morning class here!

  5. Thank you Valorie 🙂 I loved the morning class. I’m hoping to take a ceramics class there next month.

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