playing in the pearl polymer

(I love alliteration.)

I have been silent here for a bit.  I have an excuse.  I have been creating (okay..playing) with my pearl clays.

I, on occasion, (okay..most of the time), will immerse myself (go off on a tangent? (fixate is such a harsh word!)) in a method or technique until I feel I have a basic understanding of the process.  (Or until I see something else I have been wanting to try. But that is another issue entirely.)  The technique du jour?  Mokume gane.

Now I know this technique used with pearl clays (those wonderful clays infused with mica powders) has been around for a long time, and given my love of all things mica shift, I should have Mokume ganed before, but I didn’t.  Until now.  Take a look at this pendant:

Pearl, Gold, and Copper Polymer Clay rectangle Pendan


Polymer Clay Bright Abstract Two Chain Necklace with Mica Clay and Beads. Statement Necklace

My green one is a combination of mokume gane and the techniques I use to create my mica shift bracelets. I am having too much fun with these clays! My warning: brace yourselves for a bumper crop of mokume gane pendants and necklaces!

Round Green, Silver, and Pearl Abstract Polymer Clay Pendant.

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