snow day

Them:   “It snowed!!!!!  Can we go play?  Now?  Can we?  Can we?  Pleeeze!!!!!”
Me:   “It’s 6:30 A. M.!  No!  Now go back to sleep.  I don’t have to be.. up….. until…”  I trailed off at that point.  I realized I hadn’t been thinking clearly, (it was 6:30 A.M. and I had been awakened from a sound sleep).  I was having an argument (mostly one-sided (my side)) with a whiny dachshund.


My friends in my dachshund team on Etsy don’t have these problems.   They have sensible dachshunds.  The ones who can’t stand the rain or snow and would rather doze away a snow day.  Not my two.  Galumphing through snow, sleet, and rain, our dachshund girls are made of sterner stuff.  They would rather spend a snowy afternoon leaping in snow drifts (and trying to wake up sleeping bunnies) than having a chilly, wet morning lie-in. Crud.


I did manage to get a couple of things added today to my Esty shop:

Hand Drawn Showy Flower on Polymer Clay Pendant

Green, Black, and White Pearl Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet, Mica Shift

Gotta go. It’s time to let my dachshund gals out. Again.


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