sketch art pendants

Hand Drawn Small Bouquet of Spring Flowers on Polymer Clay Pendant

Last weekend, a friend of mine asked if I would be willing to create a special item for her. I promptly said, “Of course!”, … without waiting to hear what she wanted … a bad habit I simply must break. I back pedaled: “I mean I’d be happy to see if I can .. uh do …uh.. what did you want?…”
“Well,” she said, “My niece has three cats and I would love it if you could draw them on a cuff bracelet.”
Oo dear.
Now, I love using ink on clay and making cuff bracelets (yes I am still listing new cuffs) but to create the likeness of three cats using ink on clay? Well, that’s enough to give one pause. Let me clarify, enough to give me pause. You see, this request would mean three miniature portraits in ink on clay. To capture an animal’s personality is tough. My medium would make it a bit tougher too..when working with ink and clay you have one shot to get it right. In the midst of my “hmms” and “uhs..”, a picture of the finished piece popped into my head. I could sketch them as a cartoon … cats with personality and the correct coloring and yet obviously not a portrait. My friend thought it was a great idea.
After many fits and starts, I came up with a sketch:
After even more fits and starts, I figured out how to transfer it to a polymer clay cuff bracelet.
I am so happy to say that my friend loved it!!!
The next day, it dawned on me I could the same technique to transfer any of my sketches onto polymer clay. So I have been. The first complete one is the photo at the beginning of this post. (Bet you were wondering when I would get to that!) Many – or some – more to come:
Yes, I have finally done a dachshund in clay!
I’ll post more as I complete them.
P. S. Have you heard I have cuff bracelets galore on Esty?

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