yep. still winter

Don’t let the occasional balmy day fool you. It is still winter.

February in my area of the world can be a bit erratic.  Sudden bursts of warm beautiful days with brilliant sunshine may lure the lilacs and various shrubbery into premature budding, but don’t be deceived.  Those lovely hours will be followed by blasts of frigid air (Alberta Clippers are found of traveling through my city) which will snap you – and your favorite plantings – back to reality.

Why the weather forecast?  Well.  A bit of personal history: A little while back, I experimented with using a lightbox for my photos.  I never really got the hang of it.  Last year, I discovered a spot in my parents’ home that got perfect photo-taking sunlight, regardless of the season.  Since then, my handy portable lightbox has been stuffed into a corner of the basement.  Somewhere.  Well….. On to the real reason for this post….

It was cold and gloomy earlier in the week.   On Wednesday, it was 21 degrees outside, snowy and bright with occasional sunshine.  I wanted to photograph and list some of the jewelry I made for the show this past weekend.  I reviewed my options for photographing my pieces.  I could:  1. Locate and unpack my portable lightbox, lights, bulbs, and attempt to produce a decent photo,  2. Shower, change, pack up product, props, camera, batteries, drive to my parent’s house and set up there in hopes that full sunlight would stream into their room while I was there, or  3. Walk out the front door, plop down on the wet driveway and take a couple of photos.  I went for option 3:

Lavender Butterfly Polymer Clay Wide Cuff Bracelet

Standing Tall Black Cat Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet

Bright Red Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet with Black Flower

I’ll get some more photos once the weather improves, and/or the neighbors stop giggling.  Definitely after the driveway thaws and dries.

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2 Responses to yep. still winter

  1. ColtPixy says:

    They are all lovely!

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