happy new year’s eve


The last full moon of 2012. This photo turned out better than I though it would. I can’t remember which camera setting I used – I tried them all. For the most part, all the shots turned out dark with one white circle. Come to think of it, that is essentially what a full moon looks like.

As I write this, our New Year’s Eve snow storm is starting. I’m thinking about the snow piling on snow and odd thoughts keep popping into my head such as: what would have happened if the world as we know it had ended? Would we be on another plane (or plain?) right now? Oooo maybe it did and we (or perhaps just me?) haven’t realized it yet. or Perhaps this all could be solved if I stop watching Dr. Who marathons. Hmmm. I think I need to stop with the nonsense and get back to work and tell you all about what’s new in my little online shops.

I am continuing with my bracelet binge (and loving it) as well some lovely necklaces of course. I have also been crocheting. I’m thinking of expanding crochet categories to include kitchen cloths and baby blankets. Right now I’ve only added a couple of bracelets to my Etsy shop and more will come later to Zibbet and Artfire:

Shades of Green, Silver, and Pearl Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet in Mica Shift

Two Raspberry Felted Bangle Bracelets

Have a joyous and safe New Year’s full of peace and prosperity. If you happen to see the Doctor, give him my regards.

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