7 months

Well my dears, it is time for me to make a brief, albeit momentous (for me), announcement: As of today, I have been smokefree for 7 months. I quit on May 3 of this year after 32 years of smoking. It never occurred to me I would be able to have a lasting quit – or – after 32 years of the stuff, I should say a successful retirement? Anyway, it is done. As impossible as it seems and, at times, as unlikely. There are still times when it feels odd to be without a cigarette and others when it feels as though it has been forever since I quit. I know I am still very vulnerable to ‘losing’ my quit – but I won’t. I wouldn’t want to go through the first month ever again.

I have gained a lot of weight. Thirty pounds worth. Part was from compensating, part from hormone and metabolism fluctuation due to nicotine withdrawal. One thing at a time.

That’s my story for today. Thanks for listening. By the way, if you are quitting, or thinking about quitting, I strongly recommend QuitNet.com.

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