it’s november 28. are we sure about that?

Hmmm and wow.  I have not written here since March.  The first and most logical question that springs to mind is, “Well, where have you been?”.  Not quite sure.  Let me think:

We’ve had a couple of holidays.
Family things
Quit smoking.

So you see, just the usual sorts of things going on here. Individually, nothing too daunting. All together, however, all these little events can seriously impede one’s desire to blog, make polymer clay jewelry, crochet, list your Dad’s books…you know…all of that. Ah well….life shows up everyday no matter what and we all continue to evolve on our paths. And sometimes we rediscover what pleases us. In my case, I have learned (among other things) spending an afternoon with a bit of polymer clay and/or yarn never fails to make me happy. To that end, I have begun to create some lovely and fun little things such as:


It is also start for my upcoming show in February.

Anyway….It’s good to be back after a long absence. By jove, I think my post quit smoking foggy head has finally cleared!!

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