the polymer clay bug is back.

A little while ago, I mentioned I had picked up my crochet hooks and could not put them down.  Well.  I did.  And shoved my hands into polymer clay.

It (re)started recently.  I had completed a crochet project, blocked it, cleared away the yarn I had been using and was thinking about making another bracelet.  I pulled out the yarn I wanted to use and plopped it on the coffee table.  I never started crocheting.

It occurred to me I wanted to do something different.  Perhaps with polymer clay.  But what?  I let that thought sit and didn’t do anything for days.  Then an idea popped into my head.  And then another.  And soon I had an entire pot of ideas just popping away in my head.  I committed some to clay:

I’m still baking, sanding and buffing.  I do have more waiting to be listed on my Etsy site.

Oh yeah….I’m trying out a new banner on Etsy.  I can’t seem to find one I lovelovelove so I am always compelled to try new ones.  I might return to the blue one I have on my Art Fire site.  Hmmmm.  Decisions decisions.

Well, I’m off to buff and list.  And to tidy up.  I just realized that skein of yarn is still sitting on the coffee table.

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