i love you with all my spleen…..

That does not sound right.

The Polymer Clay Smoosher’s Guild on Art Fire’s blog topic this week is Hearts.  Timely topic indeed, but it got me thinking…why do we love from our hearts and not our spleens or thyroids or lower intestines?  Logically, one can observe that any strong emotion will cause our hearts to beat faster, but then again those same emotions can your make stomach flip flop and your palms to sweat.  And again, logically, since the concept of love residing in our hearts has appeared throughout literature for more than a millennium, it stands to reason the connection between emotions and hearts is permanently sealed into our culture.  But how and where did it begin?

I’m not sure if this is right, but from a quick peek at reference material, I think this might have started with the ancient Greeks.  The heart was thought to be the hottest organ of the body and very sensitive to all emotions.  Courage, valor, honesty, compassion and altruism were all thought to strengthen the heart whereas cowardice, timidity, guilt and deceit would weaken the heart.  And love, of course, was vital to one’s heart.  Don’t ask me where the shape of the heart came from – just be glad about it .  Let’s face it, only a medical professional could love that muscle’s true appearance.  But hey, back to the Polymer Clay Smoosher’s Guild and a sampling of our members’ hearts works:

Tiny Love Mouse with Heart from QuernusCrafts.  I don’t know what to say other than, “I want them!!!!  A whole little herd (or is that flock? gaggle?) of these adorable critters in my home.”

For those of you who don’t think little polymer clay mice are appropriate to the occasion,  look at this lovey heart necklace by Jansart:

This Valentine red heart is just beautiful!  Women of all ages would be delighted with this necklace!

I really like this box from DreamWeaversDesigns:

How pretty is this?  Sweet and lovely, who wouldn’t want this trinket box to grace their dressing table?

Check out all our member’s work at the Polymer Clay Smooshers on Art Fire blog.

(By the way, according to the ancient Greeks, the spleen – the storage receptacle for black bile – is adversely effected by anxiety, worry and depression.  Sounds like a couple of relationships I had in my deep dark past.  Hmmm…..maybe my post title wasn’t that far off.)

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2 Responses to i love you with all my spleen…..

  1. What a great post! You chose a few of my own favorite items too (love those cute little mice!)
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  2. OMG those mice are frikin ADORABLE!

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