over 200 books on Ohbiblioholic

Okay.  That’s not that many.  Well, it is if you consider they all came from one bookshelf (that’s shelf, not case) from one person (and if you are the other person listing said books).  But hey….we never claimed to be B&N, merely devotees of the written word!

Take a look at book number 200:

It’s a dandy.  Listed in the British Mystery section of our little (and growing!) shop,  this is the second in the Evan Evans series by Rhys Bowen, hardback, very good condition.  And sought after!

I’ve been thinking about the sections in Ohbiblioholic.  Dad set them up.  As I list items, I have decided on my own categories for his books.

The first would be Old Favorites – titles and/or authors:

Hotel Pastis.  A lovely book.  Actually, I think what is lovely is Peter Mayle’s writing.  Always, simply, a pleasure.

Tony Hillerman makes the list of course.  With Joe Leaphorn and/or Jim Chee as our heroes, and Mr. Hillerman’s wonderful story telling, you can’t put these books down.

My next category would be I Meant To Read That:

Murder at Government House is a classic mystery.  One of those books every mystery lover should read.  Madrigal is one of the St-Cyr and Kohler series set in occupied France in World War II.   If you are interested in that era, try one of Janes’ books.

I have seen this series by Leonard Tourney for years…and have never read any of them.  Dad, aka the historical fiction junkie, has several.  If he has more than one…the series must be good.

My last category is growing at an embarrassingly rapid pace.  Short and sweet and to the point:


While listing this last box of books, I ran across one that Dad hadn’t put a price on.  It was one by Bartholomew Gill (and yes, he belongs in the Huh? category).  I’ve decided on a new rule:  If it hasn’t been priced, that means I can keep it.  I like this new rule.  Just don’t tell my Dad.

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