holiday sale.. 20% off at valeriesstuff

The last time I looked it was October 7.  Today, my computer is telling me it is       November 19.  I’m not sure what happened to the intervening days, but I have to believe my Mac.  She has never lied to me before.

I’m usually quite organized around the holidays.  Ordinarily by now, I have given the house a good serious cleaning so that only light dusting and vacuuming is required for the busy weeks to come.  I’ll have washed and pressed the tablecloth and napkins for our Thanksgiving meal.  Most of the grocery shopping for the meal will have been done as well, with only the fresh veggies and bread remaining to be picked up the day before cooking.

With mostly adults to shop for, there are no last minute ‘the hottest toy to give this season’ searches I need to go on, so my Christmas shopping will have been nearly completed by now.

This year, on November 19, 2011, (if my computer screen is to be believed), my cupboard is bare, nary a gift in sight, and the house looks as though I have put my dachshunds in charge of tidying.

My overall rating for the season thus far?  Does not meet expectations.

Okay, so those are self imposed expectations, and that ship has not entirely sailed yet.  I still have plenty of time to complete everything on my list.  And I did accomplish at least one thing today:  I have set up all three of my Valerie’s Stuff sites for a 20% off holiday sale.  Everything I have listed on all three sites: valeriesstuff on ArtFire (add coupon code holiday2011 at check out for the 20% discount), Valeriesstuff on Zibbet (the 20% mark down is already taken) and valeriesstuff on Etsy (add coupon code holiday2011 at check out for the 20% discount) is on sale.  I list different items on all sites.  For example on ArtFire you can find:

On Etsy, for example:

And Zibbet:

Now, I am off to write out a to-do list.  But first, a glass of wine.  There’s always tomorrow to achieve…well..everything!

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