new listings at valerie’s stuff and ohbiblioholic

A pendant, a key ring and a necklace:

All freshly added to Valerie’s Stuff on ArtFire.

Along with this necklace (a departure for me):

Look!  No polymer clay was baked in this creation!  Here’s what happened…

There are two wonderful bead shops near my home.  I love to spend an afternoon wandering from one store to the other.  One of these store has, sitting right next to the cash register, a goldfish bowl full of beads with sign: “One handful for $1.00”.   Invariably, very time I stand at the cash register, I have an internal discussion with myself, “Nope, don’t need a handful..but its only $1.00..No, it’ll just sit. but maybe I’ll need just one bead.  Nonono! I don’t need more…”  Also invariably, I have say to the nice lady who is ringing up my purchases, “Um..hang on a sec…my fist seems to be stuck…,”.  Yep.  Another $1.00 spent.  While sorting through my latest fistful, I spotted these two fabulous beads.  I grabbed my silver plated copper wire and here you have it!  Opinions anyone?

+++++++++         Ohbiblioholic News         ++++++++++++

In my last post I mentioned I had just finished taking photos of books to be added to Ohbiblioholic.  After cropping a bazillion photos, I have starting listing new books.  So far:

Lilian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who..” series is my hands down favorite airport/airplane/airline travel book.  Why?  Charming characters, good story, while children are pacing and adults fussing, I am in Pickax.  Try it.

On the historical fiction front:

Margaret Frazer’s Sister Frevisse series is always a fantastic read.

Check back for more books!

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