and now something to read about…..Ohbiblioholic

“BIBLIOHOLISM is the habitual longing to purchase, read, store, admire and consume books in excess. I as a BIBLIOHOLIC am a follower of the “ism”.” Dad

I’ve been busy these days.  Life, home, family, a head cold that won’t go away, and a brand new ArtFire shop….Ohbiblioholic.

This happens to be a joint venture with my dear father.  Let me back up a bit……..

Dad, after spending over forty years in his chosen field, library science, is (and has been for a while now) happily retired.  (Need I say growing up with a father in this field, one tends to have a natural affinity for, and exposure to, books.  Add to the mix a mother with a degree in education and the result is a child who knows how to use a card catalog before she is old enough to cross the street unsupervised.  But enough about me.)  Throughout the years, Dad has acquired books.  For the last couple of years, he has wanted to thin his collection.  I have been looking, as has he, for a suitable online venue to sell some of his library.  When ArtFire opened their commercial side, I pounced.  (Admittedly, it is not the typical site with book specific search options, but we think it looks pretty good.)  Since then, Dad has been busily sorting and pricing those volumes he is willing to sell, beginning with his mystery shelf.

Okay, you may say, so what have you been doing?????

Well.  My job has been to create a banner (still tweaking), an avatar (just about there), photographing and listing (so far about half the books he sorted).  I sort of think I might be the weak link.  In a two link chain.  Not to worry though…I just came back from photographing the next set and will be adding more in no time!

A word about these books…..

They are pristine.  I have been listing the condition as very good to excellent, but the truth is most look like they just came home from the store.  What’s more, the vast majority are sought after paperback editions.  Check out some of the mysteries, historical fiction and anthologies listed so far:

You know, as I list these books, I’m seeing authors and titles I have never seen before such as:

After listing these books, I stopped by my parents’ home.   Mom was at the grocery store and Dad was busy comparing book prices online.  I said, “Hey Dad, I wouldn’t mind hanging on to a few of these I haven’t read.”  He replied, “We sell to everyone”.   Fine.  Next time I ask for a book, I’m waiting until Mom gets home.

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3 Responses to and now something to read about…..Ohbiblioholic

  1. valldawn says:

    Hee sounds like my parents only my mom is the one like your dad!! Haa haa Great post!

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