show me your blues…blue polymer clay jewelry that is

I go through tangents with colors.  I will obsessively create with one color family until a little light bulb goes off (or would that be on?) in my head and I find myself staring at a platoon of like-shaded pendants.  At that point, I tuck that entire section of the color wheel away to the back of my drawer and move on to other hues.  Weelll…welcome one and all to a sampling of my latest color tangent – My Blue Period.  (not original I know, but I’ve been wanting to type that for some time now.)

While you are looking at blue polymer clay jewelry, I thought I would share with you some fun information about the color blue I have learned from one of my very favorite sites, Wikipedia.

To begin with, something we all already knew: the color blue can be synonymous with sadness as in, “I’m feeling blue today,”.  Conversely, it can also represent happiness.  Consider that we associate bright blue skies with prosperity and well being.



Another blue fact many will be familiar with, are the blue laws.  These were the laws (mostly in the U.S. and Canada) that kept stores closed on Sundays – Sunday being considered a day when all focus should be on religious worship and not shopping.

Closely related, blue is associated with maintaining rigid moral codes.



A little more obscure: one of the most common connections with blue – blue is for boys, pink is for girls – was not always true, in the early 1900s it was reversed.  Blue, with its association with the Virgin Mary was considered the girl color.  Pink, being in the red family, and red considered to be a masculine color, was for boys.

The quintessential navy blue business suit wasn’t always fashionable.  Until the 1990’s, business attire for was far more colorful – and pastel.  In the 1970s, a navy blue, black, or brown suit was reserved for somber occasions.  Now these colors are the mainstay of executive dressing.

Bottom line, I like blue.  In all its shades and meanings.

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2 Responses to show me your blues…blue polymer clay jewelry that is

  1. valldawn says:

    Great post! Blue is also one of my favorite colors, love your pieces!

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