improve your story telling with polymer clay pendants

Dave was sitting on the bottom step of our deck.  I plopped down beside him and put a circle of polymer clay in his hand.  “What do you see in this?”, I asked.

“Hmm.  A fire.  Those are the logs and in back is the flame.”  That was pretty close to what I had seen.  “I think it is a surreal path.  There is a base of a tree on the left curving up with a hill on the right with the narrowing path leading to the fire.”

“How about this one?”   Dave looked at the oval I had handed him.  “Now that’s road and there is a monster waiting on the right.”  I was delighted.  “Yes!  He looks like a Chinese dragon waiting in his lair.”

I had one last on to show him.  “Oh.  That’s a face.”, Dave said.   “I see it.”,  I replied.   I had been thinking cumulus clouds but I could see the face.


One of the things that got me hooked on polymer clay were the endless possibilities of blending and combining the marvelous colors.  I admit it…I am hooked on the patterns and movements one can achieve with this stuff.

For a while, I tried to put figures and images into the clay.  I loved the “Bull’s Nightmare” I created out of turquoise and black clay:

There are many techniques to blend/combine polymer clay in this style – such as marbling or faux stone.  Very generally, these techniques have you combine two or more colors by swirling/folding/twisting/layering the clay –  either by hand and/or with help of your pasta machine – until you have achieved the desired pattern.  The trick, of course, is not to combine the colors to the point of blending into one uniform shade.  I have never excelled at following directions, so I usually mash my colors together until I see something I like.  If I see a picture in it – all the better.   It becomes a sort of portable, ‘what does that cloud look like to you?’ moment.  It’s fun.


By now, our dogs had joined us on the deck and were curiously peering into Dave’s hand.  “What do you see?”, he politely asked them.  Ginger, who had better things to do, licked Dave’s thumb and trotted off to guard the yard against squirrels.  Meanwhile, a thought bubble had appeared over Brandy’s head with a nearly audible pop.  “I will eat these.”, she thought.  I snatched my pendants-to-be out of Dave’s hand just as she was opening her mouth.  How about that?  Polymer clay pendants can also improve your reflexes.

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2 Responses to improve your story telling with polymer clay pendants

  1. valldawn says:

    Heee what a cute story! Love the clay art, I could see the designs!

  2. It’s amazing what our eyes and our imaginations let us see! I’ll have to look at some of mine more closely–who knows what I’ll see. 😉

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