i almost burned the kitchen down…..

I’ve been playing around with clay of late.  By ‘playing around’ I mean just that..having a bit of fun.  It started with my turquoise spotted, lop ear teeny critter:

Which was fun to make.  I was about to launch into penguins when my issue of Polymer Cafe arrived.  In it, is an article entitled Scrappy Stone Bowl by              Alene Sirott-Cope.  She details how she makes polymer clay bowls by making round stones of her scrap polymer clay, (there are also photos of her other bowls – beautiful!), placing them together in a wok lid and baking.  Wow!   I decided I simply must give the bowl a try.

I didn’t have a wok lid so after hunting about, I found a never used small glass casserole I could use, I pulled out my old Sculpey III and got to work.  After a day and half of fussing and fiddling, (I’ll spare you the details – suffice it to say what looks like ‘oh my, doesn’t that look fun and relatively simple to do’ in a magazine rarely is in practice),  I lined the interior of the casserole with parchment baking paper for easy release and popped my mini bowl in my clay oven.  The little casserole just fit.

Sculpey III smells stronger when baking than the clays I use for jewelry, so I didn’t really think much of the stronger than usual smell of my baking bowl.  My older dog, Ginger apparently did.  She came hurtling into the kitchen, stamped her paw on my foot, and knocked her open mouth on my knee (not a bite or a nip, she opens her mouth wide enough so you can feel her teeth but she doesn’t close her mouth).  “I know Ging”, I said, “it smells but just 5 more minutes.”  She would not be placated.  Instead, she rounded up her sister and stood in front of the back door, occasionally glaring at me over her shoulder.   It was smelling really bad.  Just as I was opening the little door, the timer dinged.  It seems a bit of the parchment paper touched the heating element and was singed.  I lavished apologizes on Ginger.

I’m a bit disappointed with the results.  It’s okay.  I guess.  I’ll try it again though.  With well trimmed paper:


I finished my September Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild challenge early (listed on my Artfire site):

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6 Responses to i almost burned the kitchen down…..

  1. coltpixy says:

    The brooch is so very beautiful! ♥
    Glad you didn’t catch your hose on fire. That is scary.

  2. coltpixy says:

    hose? House! oh my I cannot type =(

  3. Thank you! The brooch did turn out better than I expected.
    I can’t believe I didn’t realize the paper was about to burn. I even had four footed smoke alarm!

    P. S. I need both spell check and edit buttons on every site….I can’t believe how many times I wished I could edit a facebook comment!

  4. I know that singed paper smell all too well! I think your bowl came out good. I’m going to have to try this..thanks for posting!

  5. Thank you Lois! The more I look at it the more I like it.

  6. valldawn says:

    Pretty cool project! Glad the house is still standing!

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