sparkly sand and the polymer clay smooshers guild

My birthday is rapidly approaching.  My 50th.  Last year, I told Dave I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday with a getaway weekend – perhaps New York.  In January, during our annual budget meeting, (the two of us with occasional input from the dogs), Dave said, “Why not save toward a vacation you always wanted for your 50th?  Like to the UK?”.  Great!, I thought, and started saving.  And then spent the funds on tree trimming.  Saved some more.  Bought a new iMac.  Then decided on dental surgery.  (Decided is not exactly the right word.  Was dragged, while sedated, to the periodontist’s office.)  A little while ago, Dave asked me about our vacation, “We may not be able to go on a big trip this year, but what about the weekend to New York?”  Truth is I just didn’t feel like it … not because of anything going on in our lives, but it just didn’t excite me anymore.  “Dunno”, I replied,  (and I wonder why after all these years Dave still doesn’t ‘get’ me.),  “let’s just wait – could be after the day – until we see something we really want to do.”

Last night I was looking for something to watch on TV.  I put on an Antony Bourdain        No Reservations rerun.  He was driving a classic blue Thunderbird through the Mojave desert.  Winding road.  Beautiful, yet barren, landscape.  Road houses.  Joshua trees.      The Intergratron.  Weird sounds, sunsets you would not believe, low desert, high desert…I’m telling you, it was like a peek into an altered existence, “where the sidewalk ends…”, plopped right here in my good old US of A!  “That’s it!!!  That’s where I want to go for my 50th birthday!!!”  To my surprise, Dave had actually been watching the program (usually he reads or naps through my evening TV time).  “Cool.  I want to go,” he said.  So, sometime, hopefully this fall, Dave and I will head to the Mojave desert.  Seeing it written out, it seems like a peculiar choice but there it is.

Until then, I will remind myself of the colors I saw in the program: glittering browns and the extraordinary colors of the sunrises and sets.  But how?  I know!  I’ll check out my fellow Smooshers’ studios:

Here’s one that glitters with a really cool design from valldawnsjewelry designs that will help me:

And how wonderful are these colors from averilpam? :

I love the glowing golds in this pendant by Rivervalley designs:

Okay, that should tide me over until vacation time.  By the way, I’m going back for more dental surgery next week.  It won’t be fun, but I know I’ll get through it.  It’s my surgeon and his assistant I worry for…I’m not the best in chair…..please keep a good thought for those two lovely people.


One last thing.  The Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on Artfire‘s guild master, ColtPixy has stepped down after three years.  We wish her all the best and very warmly welcome our new guild master –  Haffina!

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7 Responses to sparkly sand and the polymer clay smooshers guild

  1. ColtPixy says:

    The desert country out West has always fascinated me. Perhaps because I have never seen it in person. Sounds like a lovely vacation to me.
    Good luck with the chair. Oral surgery or anything related is not fun.

  2. I think I should do some sort of mind over matter during oral surgery….picture myself staring at the desert sunset……..

  3. haffina says:

    I’ve spent a bit of time in the Australian desert.. there is something about the space that intensifies colours and makes some pop out amazingly.
    Good luck in the dentist’s chair and bring on the holiday!

  4. I love the connection and the tie in!!! hahahaha makes me want to see the sand but not the dentist chair!!Love the Smooshers samples you picked!! thanks for participating!!

  5. valldawn says:

    The desert has some awesome colors in it, hope it won’t be to hot when you go & hope you have a fabulous birthday!! Thanks for including my copper clay necklace in your blog! P.S. I like reading your blogs!

  6. averilpam says:

    Hi, just found this blogpost after someone followed the link to my studio! Thanks so much for the mention and I envy you your trip to the desert thought I’m not sure I’d cope with the heat!

  7. You’re welcome! I think your work is beautiful!

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