maybe it’s just my mood of late….new pendants at Valerie’s Stuff

I think it may be my mood or perhaps I’m just off on a tangent.  I do occasionally go off on tangents.  Maybe I should say I frequently go off on tangents.  Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps tangenting has become more of a lifestyle choice.

(You know those people who find their path in life and don’t veer off course?  Not me.  If you happen to spot me while strolling your path, I’ll probably be the one who’s wandered off to look at the pretty scenery.  I’m not saying to wander off is necessarily a bad thing, you can see/do some very interesting things that way.  However, more than once I have gone blundering about and found myself hip deep in muck .  But I digress (which is different from tangenting) and those are stories for another day.)

Anyway, I have really been enjoying pressing wire and beads into polymer clay.  I have indeed been doing just that for the past couple of weeks.  I have a few new creations that I have listed on my sites:

strange flowers in my Artfire studio

Currently in my Etsy shop: And on Zibbet:

Since I tend to stick to a tangent if I’m enjoying myself (which I am), I have decided to permit myself to keep twisting until I run out of wire.  Or my finger tips start bleeding.  Whichever comes first.

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One Response to maybe it’s just my mood of late….new pendants at Valerie’s Stuff

  1. valldawn says:

    Love the pendants! That is a really cool idea! Great post!

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