macaroni and cheese and the polymer clay smooshers guild

I like Kraft macaroni and cheese.  There.  I said it.  As a child, a meal of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks and Kraft macaroni and cheese was the closest thing to fast food permitted in our bellies.  When I tried the homemade mac and cheese dishes, they tasted like gummy, flat imitations – an impression that lingered well into my adulthood.  I recently set out on a quest to find a mac and cheese recipe to right that impression.

I was looking for a slightly different take on the dish:  I wanted macaroni and cheese with a bit of flair.    I found it with Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen.  I first saw the recipe in her cookbook and then saw her make it on her show on the Cooking Channel.  She prepares the dish a bit differently on her show:  In the book, Nadia G sautes an onion and on the show she caramelizes the onion, adds duck sausage and uses a different cheese combination. After a couple of tries, and personalizing my choice of meat (prosciutto) and cheeses (stout cheddar/gouda/fontina) I have officially altered my opinion of homemade mac and cheese.  Thank you Nadia!

What does my search for a yummy macaroni and cheese recipe have to do with the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild?  Absolutely nothing.  You see, our guild’s blog ring topic this week is macaroni and cheese and I’m afraid I have gone off on a tangent.  Again.  Let me try one more time:

Macaroni and cheese.  A versatile dish – could be a side or a main – but also a somewhat casual dish.  Well, I think every meal should be treated as a celebration:

  • Turn off the overhead light.  A pleasure to do if you happen to have one of 2goodclaymates switchplate covers: 
  • Don’t forget a little after supper coffee.  You could serve in these festive mugs by kneaded things:

Dine well.  Don’t forget to pop by the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild blog.

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7 Responses to macaroni and cheese and the polymer clay smooshers guild

  1. ColtPixy says:

    Your blog posts always crack me up! =)

  2. Love it! So true…homemade mac has to have the perfect texture..and still, sometimes, I have to pull out a box of Kraft just for memories and a quick side dish 😉

  3. valldawn says:

    Hee, as usual you keep us entertained! ;))

  4. I love the way you interpret the topics – very creative and fun!!! Amazing how you blend it all together!!! I am a huge fan!! thank you for participating!

  5. Great blog! After making mac and cheese from scratch, my kid’s don’t want the stuff from the box anymore! It is SO much better–even if it’s only with fish sticks! LOL

  6. Thanks everyone! Since trying my new recipe, I haven’t picked up a Kraft box. Memories….

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