coming soon…new look for valerie’s stuff…

…here is the new avi.  I think.

I’m still waffling about it.  I hadn’t even considered changing the banner or avatar until a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t stop fussing.  Here’s how it started:

ArtFire is changing its look.  An announcement was sent to all users that we would most likely need to re-size and/or modify our existing banners.  I studied my existing banner.  Dave had created it.  Although I really like it, the size and layout would have to change.  On further consideration, I decided the purple (a favorite color) seemed to distract from the colors I use for my jewelry.  I was contemplating how to go about the modifications when I remembered the banner file was on our old computer, now languishing in the basement.


Until a couple of years ago, I never spent much time online.  I went onto Ebay and every so often remembered to check email.  Because of that, when I started Valerie’s Stuff, my knowledge of the online world – on a scale of 1 to 10 – was approximately a -13.  After setting up my first shop, I realized a more reasonable estimate of my knowledge was a -42.  All through my trials and tribulations, my dear old Mac never failed me.  No viruses, problems, or freezes; and when I needed help, the tutorials – with that calm, reassuringly optimistic voice – got me through.  But it was time.  In February of this year, I found myself in the Apple store.

“An iMac or notebook?  What do you use your computer primarily for now?”, the salesman asked me.

“iMac”, I replied and explained.

“Well then, I would recommend getting the business apps package.  You could use it for your household finances and word processing, plus, it’s great for setting up your own website if that’s in your plans.  Is it?”

Swept up in his freshly scrubbed enthusiasm, I eagerly embraced the idea delusion of my own site. “Oh yes,” I nodded, “that package would be perfect.  Our old Mac is great but since it seven years old, and pre-intel, it can’t keep up with everything on the web.”

“Did you say seven years old?”

“About that I think,” I said.  I turned to Dave.  “Isn’t it?”  Dave nodded and drifted to the next display table.

“And you’re still using it?”

“Well, yes.  I mean it still works….” I trailed off and looked to Dave for back up.  He was studiously poking at a notebook.  Traitor.

My salesman called a co-worker over.  “They have a seven year old Mac and are still using it.”  “Nooo”, the co-worker said, shaking her head.  “Yeah,” I said.  She was still shaking her head as she walked away to chat to another staff member.

As we walked out, new iMac in hand, I heard a woman’s voice say,”Yes, they’re very reliable.  That couple walking out had their old one for seven years…..”.


Faced with either trying to modify my existing banner on the old Mac, or creating a new one on the new Mac, I decided to try something new.  Sure enough, my favorite, familiar, reassuring voice talked me through designing a simple and subdued banner.  I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this look.  I think I’ll wait until ArtFire rolls out their changes and see what it looks like live.


I met my parents for breakfast the other day.  They’re long (and happily) retired and we always like meeting up for a nice chat and food.  “So did you get my email with my new banner?” I ask.

“Didn’t you get my text?”, Dad frowned as he pulled out his SmartPhone.

I turned to Mom, “He has a SmartPhone?”

“He’s wanted one for the longest time but decided to wait until after his cataract surgery.  I’ll bet you get a lot of use out of yours.”  She smiled at me.

Back to -42 and boy oh boy I don’t want to have that conversation with that future sales person.  “Um.  I can take photos with my phone.”

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