the annual social event of the season.

We attended two years ago.

We were not on the guest list last year.  “But why not?”,  Dave asked.  “We’re not members hon”, I replied,  “and it is a members’ only function.  Last year, one of the members added us to the guest list.  I’m sorry.  I know you were looking forward to going.”

We were invited this year!   It would be an afternoon affair.  A water-side supper lunch with riparian entertainments! (I admit it, I adore Hyacinth from Keeping up Appearances.)

We prepared for the occasion with great care.  Hair and nails carefully were groomed, new accessories were purchased, and finally the day had come.

Yesterday, we attended the Central Ohio Dachshund Club‘s Annual Picnic.

We got up early to get the car packed.  Exercise pen, dog treats, raw hides, water bowl, blanket, towel,

“shouldn’t we just take the pick-up?” (me) “no everything will fit in the car.” (Dave)

dog kennel, potluck desert items, cooler, folding chairs,

“where are the dogs?” (in unison)

Ginger, and Brandy.

The picnic was held on a lovely property – freshly mowed areas dotted with mature trees and a large, picturesque pond surrounded by cattails and bright wild flowers.  It was great day.  The picnic was a perfect opportunity for our dogs to socialize.  Ginger, our sweet, polite girl made friends with everyone.  (She even flirted with a very handsome smooth male standard.)  Our excitable Brandy remembered her manners.  The best part though, Dave and I had a chance to catch up with friends we had not seen in ages.  We were enjoying ourselves so much, we lost track of time and were the last to leave.

The riparian entertainment?  Ah yes.  That must have been when Dave and I walked Ginger and Brandy to pond to cool off.  Ginger waded in and splashed about while Brandy took off swimming.  I was holding Brandy’s leash and trotted after her.  The bottom of the pond sloped suddenly, I skidded, Brandy got tangled in the leash, did a barrel roll and paddled back to me – now up to my thighs in water.

“I’m so sorry sweetie”, I said to Brandy as we both patted her all over to make sure she was okay, (she was).  But Brandy was having none of that.  I got a soggy snort for a reply and she marched up the bank to roll in the high grass.  And slid.  And sat in black, slimy pond mud.

“Do you want to try swimming again?”, I asked as Dave and I rinsed the black goo off her rump and tail.  She did.  This time it was a success and all four of us celebrated with treats.

On my to-do list: apply for membership to the Dachshund Club.  I don’t want to miss next year’s picnic.


The Dachshund Team on Etsy

Doxies with Moxie Fabric Basket – Organizer Bin

by the bellefleur

This seems like a good time to mention again that I belong to the Dachshund Team on Etsy.  Some of our members create dachshund related products and some of us don’t, but we all adore the breed.  Check out the Dachshund Team blog for dachshund wisdom, items and much, much, more.


Just another reminder: I am having a Christmas in July sale at Valerie’s Stuff on ArtFire, Zibbet, and Etsy.  Many members of the Polymer Clay Smoosher Guild on ArtFire are also having Christmas in July sales.  Check out the blog for a complete list of participating shops.

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One Response to the annual social event of the season.

  1. What a wonderful time you all had. I love the swimming story. I’ve only known one doxie to take to the water. Frodo would never even get his toes wet.

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