alcohol ink, polymer clay, and the dachshund team on etsy

I have been feeling a bit at loose ends of late.  I have recently had series of dental appointments (ooog), and bad allergy fits (oog as well).  To tell the truth, I haven’t been at loose ends, I have been just plain old grumpy and blue.  I have been grumpy and blue to the point of annoying myself –  what’s more, my mood was causing me to be a bit snarky to family, friends, and total strangers.  I simply had to snap myself out of my malaise – for everyone’s sake.  I needed to refocus my energy.  It occurred to me that I hadn’t touched my clay in ages.

Ah yes.  Exactly what I needed.  A little polymer clay, some alcohol ink, and my spirits have started to lift!  I have been doing a bit of painting and some tinting.  In particular, I have been experimenting with tinting the clay, then painting in details.  A while ago, I listed one successful attempt on ArtFire:

I did this by layering the ink (rather thickly) on the raw clay and then working the clay so that a background was created.  I then hand painted the foreground and touched up here and there.

I have been trying this  again with so so results:

The was to be ‘beachfront sunset abstract’ but I didn’t like the baked result.  Oh well, it’s fun trying.

I did do some hand painted scenes.  And yes, one is a tree.  I have given up on trying to fight my compulsion to paint trees.  And yes, it is tree number five to be listed on my Zibbet site and I like it:

I’ll be listing more of my most recent creations – as I complete them.  And no, no more trees!


dachshund team on esty pawmotion

Today’s featured item is from The Belle Fleur :This charming and useful fabric basket is made with two layers; a durable inner shell, and the exterior outer shell.  The outer shell is an adorable flannel print featuring…dachshunds of course!  I love the 70s feel of this print!


One last comment:  The Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild is having a Christmas in July Sale.  Check out our blog for a list of the participating shops or see my blog entry of July 8.

Oh yeah….my Christmas in July Sale is happening in all three of my sites – ArtFire, Etsy and Zibbet!

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