napping on the job

My Girls

The other day I was downstairs doing laundry.  I ran up and down the stairs collecting and then folding and putting away socks, t-shirts, towels and such…you know, doing laundry.  After spending most of the day, (how is it possible that two people can accumulate so much dirty laundry?), I opened the front door to find that UPS and FedEx had visited and two people wanted to trim our trees.  Okay, so I didn’t hear a thing.  But where were my girls?  My furry little intruder alerts were indeed caught napping on the job.

I can’t really criticize can I?  After all, I have neglected this blog, my sites and, well, a number of things.  My excuses?  Well.  Like everyone else in the world, there are times when I find myself running about in circles and something always gets misplaced.  I could whine about stuff, but I would annoy myself.  And everyone else.

So… I made a few thing that were fun to create and photograph (I’ll list them soon on my sites) and revisited a couple of forums.  My little sweeties can sleep on…..but I’m awake again!

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