spring, new stuff, photos, and dachshund girls

Ah spring.  The earth is waking from her long winter slumber.  Gone (hopefully) are bleak skies, snarling winds, treacherous ice and white outs.  Bird songs fill the air.  Tender green buds and sprouts decorate bushes and trees.  And, to my dogs’ delight, the recently frozen soil is now mud.

My dear dachshund girls.  Half sisters – same mom different dads – who are earthy, beautiful, sweet, smart, funny –  love the squish of mud between their toes.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my cleaning gene seems to have been energized in recent years.  (I suspect it might be part of my particular (or perhaps the right word is peculiar) aging process.)  Therefore, I’m getting a tad cranky tending to my doxies’ lovely eight muddy paws and two soggy furry bellies.  We do have a system worked out:  They go to the backyard to snuffle every new scent, roll about in the wet grass, and, in general, revel in the new day.  They return refreshed and invigorated.  I say, “sit. stay. good girl.” to one while I plop the second in the sink for a quick de-springing.  The first will sit and stay…until she sees her sister in the sink.  She then dashes off directly to my mustard with purple pillows, double wide, chaise lounge.  Repeat approximately 153 times per day.


I too am taking advantage of the warmer weather.  I have returned to taking photos outside.  In January, I regaled everyone (who would listen or read this blog) to stories of my photo light box.  It is still sitting on my dining room table, but I just seem to take better photos outside.  Here are two new necklaces I have just today listed on my Zibbet site:














Both are longer necklaces – about 28″.

I think the natural lighting in both photos is great.  I just used the auto/macro setting with no flash and a bit of zoom.

The background in the second is a little distracting, but the breeze had caught the necklace and I really liked the movement in the photo.

Anyway, enjoy your spring day.  Take photos.  Or squish in mud.


P. S.  Anyone ever use OxyClean?  On upholstery?

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2 Responses to spring, new stuff, photos, and dachshund girls

  1. ColtPixy says:

    Beautiful shots!
    I have used oxyclean but not on upholstery…. yet. Test a spot that will not show first.

  2. Thank you!
    I have never used oxyclean but I think I will give it a try…I’ll do the test spot first.

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