some of my favorite handmade artists

There are two birthdays in April in my family.  They are on the same day, April 7.

Mom had it first.  When my sister (who lives several states away) was pregnant, her due date was the end of April.  On April 7 of that year (some  20 odd years ago), Mom, Dad, and I were sitting in a very nice French restaurant celebrating Mom’s birthday.   In the middle of our meal, Dad got a phone call from my brother in law.  Karen had delivered a healthy (and of course spectacularly beautiful) baby girl.  After a few toasts and calls to travel agents, Mom looked at me and said, “well dear, what did you get me for my birthday?”.

As you might guess, remembering birthdays in my family is fairly easy.  Gift buying is also fairly easy.  My family has always preferred handmade items and are very supportive of my handmade jewelry, but I don’t like giving just my ‘stuff’.   This year,  I did some browsing on Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet.  I won’t divulge what I bought, or didn’t buy, but I thought I would share some terrific artists with you.  Today, I want to show some items/shops from ArtFire.  (Etsy and Zibbet will follow later in the week.)  These first three are from the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on ArtFire:

This very silly, very wonderful cow is by Christina’s Studio

This next one, by Sassy Clay Creations has got to be one of my favorite polymer clay necklaces.  Her kitty has such a marvelous pink panther feel:









Anyone for a Lucky Bunny by Colt Pixy?

One of my favorite artists on ArtFire is Nun of a Kind.  I have ordered from her and I can’t say enough about the quality and charm of these soft sculptures:






I happened to see this nose the other day and simply have to share:

This is by kc bennet of Folk Art from Florida.


So, if you, like me, have an April birthday person(s) in your life…..check out ArtFire for a one of a kind gift.

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One Response to some of my favorite handmade artists

  1. dori says:

    Thanks for showing my kitty. I love your selections too!!!

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