more trees

Usually, when I am in the mood to use alcohol ink, I pull out my clay and inks, work the clay, pick an ink color that speaks to me and go.  Sometimes bold splashes of color appeal to me and other times I like creating with soft subtle tints.  More and more, I seem to be focused on painting.

I was very recently in the mood to paint. Okay.  Pulled out polymer clay, ink and brushes.  What did I want to paint?  Dunno.  So I put a bit of ink on a brush and watched myself paint a tree.  It is a reoccurring favorite subject of mine but I didn’t mind the end product:




I felt like painting some more, so I cleaned my brush, grabbed some more clay and started again.  I painted another tree.  Huh?  Nonono, I told myself…do something different.  Okay…this is different right?




And so the afternoon went.  Trees popping out everywhere my brush touched.  I packed away my inks but not before inadvertently turning my Zibbet site into a forest.

I’ve always loved trees.  My cherry tree is beyond beautiful in the spring.  My favorite lilac bush, tall enough to qualify for a small tree in my mind, is nothing short of inspirational when in full bloom.  Still, that does not explain why I seem to be obsessively recreating trees (or shrubbery).   I’ll just have to control my painting impulses until this passes.  Or maybe just work through it….cluttering websites with my painted and/or clayed trees.  Oh well, there are far worse things I could be obsessed with.

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2 Responses to more trees

  1. Lynn Reno says:

    Very nice =) That second one reminds me of the tress in Tolkien’s Ring series that get up and walk around! Cool.

  2. Thanks Lynn! I hadn’t thought of Tolkien. I was remembering a drive home we had made – dark, cold and stormy down a winding country road. The trees were blowing and looked like they wanted to grab the car. Sooo glad I wasn’t driving!

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