but it was such a deal

I feel so guilty.

Before I begin, I first need to start with a brief aside about Ebay:

I don’t have a shop on Ebay nor have I ever sold anything there, but I know Ebay made changes to their seller fee structure (most likely inspired by the economy and the number of resellers listing their goods on the site). If I remember correctly, Ebay raised the charge to list an item for sale as well as raising the percentage they keep of the selling price. To avoid the listing fee, Ebay will allow a seller to list an item for a starting bid of $.99. On to our story:

Dave had gone to bed early. Our dachshunds, who sleep in their kennels in our bedroom, went with him. I was wide awake and nothing was on TV, I didn’t feel like reading, doing a crossword, I had checked my sites and forums and was bored silly. What did I do? Why, I went shopping on Ebay. I hadn’t shopped on Ebay for a while, so at first I had some fun browsing various categories when I remembered an item I actually wanted to find. A vintage kitchen flour cannister.

I found it. There it was – lid intact, no cracks or crazing, two small grease stains showing (the original owner must have stored something oily in it and the oil had gotten under the glaze to show through to the exterior) – the blue and white cannister of my dreams. Now, kitchen collectibles can get pretty pricey, so imagine my shock when I saw the starting bid of $.99. I couldn’t believe my luck. I put in my bid and couple of days later I won the item – for $.99.

I honestly did not know what to do. I had assumed there would be other bids. Yes, a good deal is always good, but one dollar? Even though the item had a couple of stains, it was worth more than that. I felt like a thief. Dave put in his two cents: “The seller has a shop on Ebay with over 500 sales, he must have known the risk. Or you could email him and offer to let him relist.” I debated. I wanted it and while I would paid more, I couldn’t afford a high price. In the end, I paid and a week later my cannister arrived.

It was a bit dingy and the interior somewhat alarming, but it was in perfect condition. I used half a bottle of Dawn and my Grandma’s cleaning formula of baking soda + hydrogen peroxide + hot water to clean it. (I decided not to try to get the stains out from underneath the glaze for fear it would ruin the color.) I lined the cannister with a
Zip Lock bag, poured in flour, and it now sits, gleaming, on my counter.

As I sit admiring the cannister’s cuteness and my cleaning skills (Grandma would be proud), I still feel pangs of guilt. I know if the seller hadn’t had a shop on Ebay, I would have offered to let them relist. Yes, that is a rationalization and okay, so I may feel a little guilty every time I use flour (for a little while at least), but it is here now and I need to let it go. It’s just a kitchen cannister and after all, it was such a deal.

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4 Responses to but it was such a deal

  1. ColtPixy says:

    Congratulations! Stop feeling guilty! He will make up the difference on another sale.

    One night when you are bored you should try out plurk. A lot of the Smooshers are there. =)

  2. You’re right! And it did take me a bit of time to get it cleaned up.

    Plurk? I’ll have to look into that. It has always sounded fun.

  3. Lynn Reno says:

    That rocks, congratulations!!! And don’t feel guilty, thousands of items sell there everyday fr the asking price of $.99, I don’t know how they can afford, but they know it’s a risk.

    I’ve checked out plurk several times and can really quite ‘get’ what it is =(


  4. I don’t know how they can afford it either. I’m feeling less guilty now, so maybe I just start looking for more deals?

    I’ve never attempted plurk. Maybe we can get ColtPixy to give us plurking lessons!

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