january is ending…

and what did I do?

Um. I.. ah. Well.

Odd isn’t it? Someone asks you that question, “so what have you been doing?”, and your mind goes blank. All you can spit out is a shame faced ,”um…”. It’s not like you spent the month lounging about watching TV and snacking, you have been busy. You get up every morning, do your work, feed yourself and your family, go to the grocery store, clean the house, shovel snow, and whatever else. The problem is, you know that is not the sort of answer your questioner wants. So you think some more:

Maybe you had the flu, but you weren’t really all that sick. Or bought a beautiful new vase, but you can’t call that redecorating. You finally had that leaky faucet fixed, but does that count towards ‘home repair’? No vacation, didn’t learn to ski, no new pets, same spouse, car, and hair style. In short, you had what I like to call a maintenance month.

Aha! I did do something new this month. I started this blog. I am learning my new light box. And, after having an account on Zibbet for – I am embarrassed to type how long – I am finally adding jewelry:

Okay, my questioner says, but doesn’t everyone have a blog? And why did you wait so long to buy a light box? Not to mention…hang on…you had a Zibbet account for…..?

My response? Um. Well. Never mind.

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